Kvist Industries A/S

Let’s create furniture together!

KVIST Industries A/S is a Danish-owned company with over 900 employees spread over production factories in both Denmark & Latvia. The company is a holistic solution partner for its customers and since 1967 has played a significant role in the development and production of design furniture with distribution both nationally and globally. KVIST develops high-quality furniture in wood and a mixture of steel, upholstery, and plastic for the customers and delivers the full process chain from the first phase in the development of the prototype to the final logistics and full supply chain setup.

A company in constant development

Having made wooden furniture for more than 50 years, KVIST has a strong and advanced knowledge of creating, producing, and delivering long lasting furniture to the global market.

At KVIST, high-quality wood furniture is made, and together with their suppliers, designers, and customers. The ambition is to secure a continuous development of the furniture industry that appreciates both classics and encourages to be innovative.

Moreover, KVIST’s core service is not just producing furniture. KVIST builds its services around five individual concepts: Craftmanship, Creation, Compliance, Quick-Ship, and KVIST Academy.

“Our concepts embrace the competencies from idea to the finished delivery of a product, ending with the possibility of including after-service and learning. Our latest concept – KVIST Academy is taking a major role in our strategy toward lasting change in our company. It combines elements such as networking meetings, training sessions, and workshops,” explains Concept and Marketing director Malene Lauridsen.



To give our customers the best experience and satisfaction, at KVIST, we higher our values both internally and externally as we are PRESENT, OPEN, READY, and show COURAGE.”

To a large extent, KVIST must be the co-player, adviser, and sparring partner, so that together with the customers can integrate circular economy in their production and thus in their business.


Quality and sustainability go hand in hand

KVIST believes that sustainability is a never-ending process and takes responsibility by raising awareness and investing in a green company. We are working every year more and more toward a sustainable change not only to help the industry but also to create a better future for new generations.

Recently KVIST was one of the very few that received a Furniture Award 2022 from FSC. Over the last years, KVIST has worked hard and focused with FSC on all 4 locations placed in both Denmark and Latvia. This means they provide their customers with the best solutions. KVIST also educates and complements understanding of FSC by training both production workers and administration colleagues and emphasizing the need to observe fair, legal use of resources in the company and in a global context.


Besides FSC, KVIST also has met the criteria to receive EU Ecolabel, Swan, ISO 9001 & ISO 45001 when it comes to certification, and they also provide their customers with the use of water-based varnish and work with UN’s global goals. Sustainable quality aims at solutions where high quality, education, and all aspects of sustainability are equally important.

Read more about KVIST Industries A/S on their website: www.kvist.com and sign up for their newsletter to get more information about their exciting initiatives and industry. They post regularly on LinkedIn and Instagram so give them a follow to keep up with the latest news within the industry.






Kvist Industries A/S

Siggårdsvej 2, 6818 Aarre

Telefon 7677 4500


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